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Is It the Real Deal

Several companies have been shut down in Europe and the United States during the eighties and nineties, by the FBI for producing fake copies of  Waterford Crystal pieces?

Many designs copied were the popular patterns of Lismore, Colleen, Alana, Kathleen. I have seen other patterns copied too. Usually this was stemware. For example, Goblets, Flutes, Hocks, White Wine, and Sherries.

How can you tell that you’re purchasing or purchased authentic Waterford Crystal? With so many forgeries available?

World Renowned

Waterford Crystal, ahh the mere mention of the name evokes a sense of prestige and beauty. Waterford Crystal is known and admired the world over for its beauty and craftsmanship and is a highly valued gift for weddings, anniversaries etc.

Waterford Crystal’s popularity has inspired a number of glassware companies to produce copies of the more popular designs.

If you have ever held a carefully crafted Waterford Crystal item in your hands, you may recall the musical ring when the rim is flicked, the sparkling light refractions inspired by the finely formed cuts seen when held up to the sunlight and the sheer weight of each piece that tells you that you’re holding something of substantial quality.


Here are some Basic Tips to Help You tell Glass from Crystal

  • Check the thickness of the item. Glass is generally thinner due to a glass blower’s ability to blow it extremely thin.
  • Compare the item to a glass item that is roughly the same size. Crystal is much heavier than glass due to its highmetal content. While this isn’t a foolproof method, it can still help you determine whether it is glass or crystal.
  • Examine the cuts on the item. Glass often has sharp cuts, while crystal has smooth, rounded cuts.
  • Hold the item up to the light. Glass typically has a yellow or green tint, while crystal is completely clear. Crystal also produces more of a colorful prism effect than glass.
  • Tap the item and take note of the sound it makes. Glass usually has more of a dull thud, and crystal has more of a high-pitched chime.


There are tell-tale signs to look for to ensure that the Waterford Crystal you’ve got is the real McCoy or not.
If you purchase from a reputable source, you should be safe but there is no guarantees.
The Crystal products of the Irish crystal company “Waterford Crystals” boasts high-lead, hand-blown craftsmanship that evokes class and elegance!


Signs to Check for Genuine Waterford Crystal

  • Number One on your list is to Visit a reputable dealer, that will guarantee the authenticity of their Waterford Crystal items. This can save you trouble later on.
  • When you find what your looking for ask if you can examine it in a good light. Any dealer should be happy to oblige.
  • Next is to check the label! Older Waterford Crystal should have a gold sticker with the famous  green Seahorse Emblem.
  • Try and look at the crystal in a strong light and look for “Waterford” etched in the bottom. All Waterford Crystal items made between 1947 and 1999 have this etching on the bottom.
  • For Newer waterford crystal (2000 or later) there will be a Seahorse Etching that contains Waterford Crystal’s seahorse emblem, showing  the item was made during the year 2000 or later. Originally designed for “Waterford Crystal’s” Millennium Series.
  • Hopefully after following these steps you will have in your possession a Genuine beautifully crafted Waterford Crystal glass, vase, de canter or whatever lovely piece you have…..


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